Volvo Confirms Plug-In Diesel-Electric Car By 2012

Article: Volvo Confirms Plug-In Diesel-Electric Car By 2012

Despite struggling financially, Swedish car maker Volvo will push with its plans of rolling out a new hybrid plug-in vehicle by 2012. The move is part of achieving their targets outlined under their DRIVe Towards Zero green campaign. The top executive of Volvo, Stephen O’ Dell, reaffirms the production of the plug-in hybrid but said that they still don’t have a business case to market it in the United States.

The Volvo plug-in is expected to hit the asphalts of Europe by 2012. The car can run on electricity alone for 60 miles on a single charge. The vehicle will be produce under an agreement of cooperation with Vattenfall, an energy supplier in Sweden, which will develop the electric system of the vehicle.

The joint venture between Volvo and Vattenfall was sealed since 2007. Saab also joined the accord to develop the needed technology last year. Volvo has developed concept cars like the one deriving its DNA from the C30 hatchback. Saab has also their concept car 9-X BioHybrid. There have also been sightings of the hybrid plug in versions of the V70 of Volvo along the public thoroughfares in Europe.

The company uses the demo cars to get the feedback they need from the drivers about the implementation of the hybrid technology. It also gives them an idea of the driving habits of consumers which they may need to adapt to.

Joint venture partner Vattenfall is also working on a technology that will help car owners charge their plug-in vehicles faster at home. They are also exploring possibilities of charging stations for the public.

The diesel-electric hybrid of Volvo is expected to have better combined fuel mileage against competitor brands like the Chevrolet and Toyota.


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