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Article: Spyker Cars

Certain rich and elite does not like to travel in machine-built cars. According to them, these cars do not lack any form of distinction. In order to answer the woes of such expensive customers, the Danish automobile company Spyker came up with series of luxury and performance vehicles. As of this day, this automaker is under the direct control of Saab Automobile.

Unlike some of the competing auto manufacturers, Spyker cars boast of individuality. Every car is hand-built. That actually increases the precision of their products because a human is in control of the entire manufacturing process. There are many other interesting aspects for this particular company, likewise. For instance, they had originally specialized in the design and development of aircraft engines. Hence, the engineers have a diligent knowledge about various manners to decrease the effective coefficient of drag.

Some of the best-selling models from Spyker come with engines developed by other automobile manufacturers. A typical example for this statement is the C8 Laviolette, which includes a 4172cc engine manufactured by Audi. The maximum speed achieved by this variant was 300km/hr. Those who can afford performance luxury cars are always on the lookout for models that come from the stables of Spyker. The C8 variant of Spyker (please bear in mind that this model is different from the earlier mentioned C8 Laviolette) is another offering of the same company, which has already found many hundreds of takers.

SUV fanatics might like the Spyker D8. This luxurious four-door performance SUV could capture the attention of the rich and the spoilt. A 6.0L Audi engine included in this SUV enabled the SUV to reach 100km/hr speeds in just five seconds. The nomenclature of the SUV was initially D12, which was later changed to D8 to keep in tune with the configuration of the engine provided. Middle Eastern companies also took an interest in the offers of Spyker cars. As of this day, it is said that many companies from such countries have invested heavily in Spyker.

The last offering from Spyker came in the form of the all-new Spyker C12 Zagato. Once again, this vehicle could easily achieve the 300km/hr mark due to the all-aluminum construction of the engine. The gear shifting is analogous to F1 cars – this statement stands true for all the cars produced by Spyker.

Most of the car makers of this generation had their origins in motor sports. In other words, they began designing cars, which could excel in the racetracks. When a particular model gained popularity and could generate interest in the minds of the commoners, the company would go ahead and design a passenger car based on that platform. Spyker on the other hand, took a reverse journey; they introduced fast cars first and then began to fine-tune them for the tracks. Plenty of sponsors from all over the globe were vying for feasible positions in sponsoring the F1 team introduced by Spyker cars.

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