Selecting The Right Oven

Article: Selecting The Right Oven

The plethora of available options for ovens seems to grow every year. How is a person to know which oven is right for them? If you are remodeling or building your kitchen or simply replacing your old oven the information provided here may help you in selecting the right oven for your home and cooking needs.

The standard kitchen oven is called a conventional oven and normally uses either natural gas or propane or electricity but warming heting elements to provide the heat for cooking. Although conventional ovens have been the de facto standard for American households they do have one important drawback: they are not capable of distributing even heat throughout the oven chamber. The effect this has is to limit the number of dishes you can prepare and expect to be evenly heated at one time. Additionally you may find that the uneven heating of conventional ovens will cook some things in such a way as to overcook one part while undercooking another.

A popular alternative to conventional ovens is the convection oven, which uses forced air in combinaton with the heat to provide a more evenly distributed heat to the oven chamber. For practical purposes what this means is that you can more easily cook multiple items in the oven and be assured they are receiving equal treatment. Convection ovens offer savings in energy as well because they are more efficient, requiring less heating to keep the oven chamber at a consistent temperature. There are some models available which combine both conventional and convection methods of heating, allowing you to essentially turn the fans on or off, though most people who purchase a convection oven rarely use this feature. If you are considering one of these ovens keep in mind that the price tag difference associated with hybrid models may not be worth it.

When you are planning your kitchen remodeling or building it is helpful to be aware of the options for placement. Where your oven will be located is very important to the overall functionality of your kitchen space. There are some oven models which can be installed in a wall, while others allow installation below a countertop. Keep in mind that your new oven should be relatively close to both your kitchen sink and refrigerator. The efficiency gained from having the placement of these three roughly in a triangle with only a few steps between them is something you will learn to love if you have not had your kitchen laid out in such a fashion before.


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