New Diesel Version BMW 3-Series Confirmed For Motor Show In New York

Article: New Diesel Version BMW 3-Series Confirmed For Motor Show In New York

If you are a BMW fan who’s waiting for the 2014 3-Series sedan, we have good news for you. BMW announced that it will be sending the new 328d sedan to U.S. shores via the New York Auto Show.

The BMW 328d has a turbodiesel 2.0L powerplant that gives out 180 horses and produces a torque of as much as 280 lb-ft. This setup is good enough to bring the car to 60 miles an hour in 7.2 seconds. The fuel economy of the 2014 328d is pegged at 40 miles a gallon.

According to the carmaker, although the 3-Series Sports Wagon will not hit the halls of the auto show in New York, the vehicle is due for release in the U.S. market and will be fitted with the same turbodiesel powerplant as the 328d sedan. Consumers can expect the Sport Wagon version of the 328d in an all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configuration.

The 328d sedan will share the BMW booth at the New York Auto Show with the Concept Active Tourer and the new Gran Turismo of the 3-Series. Both of these vehicles will make their debut in North America thru the motor show in New York.

BMW makes use of athletic proportions and wedge-shape design silhouette is also a clear attempt of the German brand to make the Concept Active Tourer crossover sexier than usual. The plug-in hybrid might be in a concept form but the tandem of three-cylinder gas engine and electric motor shows a lot of promise as it returns a 95 mpg fuel mileage.

The Gran Turismo of the 3-Series line, on the other hand, will hit showrooms before the end of the year. It has a longer wheelbase compared to its cousin 5-Series Gran Turismo. It also has a sloping roof and a more generous space for cargo. You might find an inline six or a turbo four-cylinder engine under its hood.


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