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Article: Mercedes Cars

They say that Mercedes cars are the epitome to sheer power and exhilaration. Try to get behind the wheel of one of them, and you will realize what I am trying to convey over here! Need I have to state more about the company that had originally invented the very first petrol car? One can rightfully state that most of the existing automobile manufacturers merely replicated the technology found in those olden Mercedes cars. This company had effectively set forth some of the well-known standards in automobile industry. They specialized in the designing as well as development of buses, coaches and trucks.

Despite being a German automobile manufacturer, the company has set up its factories and design houses in other continents as well. This led to the development of passenger car models customized for the requirements of the individual countries. Mercedes categorizes their offerings in the segment into so-called “classes”. The C, E and S class is the most prominently featured passenger cars manufactured and marketed by Mercedes. One will be able to find cars that befit the description of saloons, sedans, sports coupe, estate and convertibles among the above-mentioned classes. The SL and SLK class belongs to the roadster domain.

The SLR McLaren and SLS AMG car models from Mercedes belong to hardtop super car and luxury grand-tourer series, in the same manner. Listing all the “significant” cars produced by the company is beyond the scope of this simple article. For illustration purposes, I will outline the capabilities of Mercedes McLaren cars. According to news snippets released by the company, they had worked closely with the official Formula One team (of the same institution). The car came with a hardened carbon fiber body, which reduced the overall weight of the vehicle by many times. Then a refined 5.4L V8 engine suitably coupled to a series of superchargers enabled the car to reach speeds greater than 300 kms/hr in a relatively shorter time.

These days’ manufacturers are trying their best to excel in the paradigm of alternatively fueled vehicles. Electricity is the most favored among them. Mercedes cars too came up with innovative models such as the F700 concept car. The company introduced the idea of manufacturing vehicles with integrated Lithium ion batteries. One will be able to find it if they take a close look at the detailed technical specifications of the Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID. Mercedes also emphasizes on the introduction of vehicles that produce lesser carbon particles during combustion.

A recently held demonstration by the company displayed one of their models emitting just 74 grams/kilometer. That is a significant reduction when you consider the fact that most of the vehicles of this generation release double or triple of the said amount. The company heralds innovativeness on its policies. With the installation of approximately 20 electric recharge points in the UK, Mercedes has paved the way to a safer environment. It is said that when fine-tuned, the cars manufactured by Mercedes can attain even greater performance. It is of no wonder that the European Union had to force the manufacturer to cease the production of certain models because they were plainly unsafe for the pedestrians.


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