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Article: Maserati Cars

Luxury cars have become phenomenal during these times. The traditional passenger car manufacturers are struggling to meet deadlines. On the other hand, there seems to be no dearth in the sales of performance cars. One aspect is for certain – luxury cars hold on to the age-old concept “premium comes with a heavy price tag”. There are certain unique advantages to owning one of these vehicles. Not only will you be able to make heads turn while zipping through the highways, you will also get to enjoy what has become taboo for the rest of the population!

Some of the luxury auto manufacturers (mentioned in this website) have been highly successful in gaining their share of limelight within a relatively shorter time. However, the fate does not play easily for the rest. For instance, even though Maserati has been manufacturing fast cars ever since 1912, it was only lately that many even began to ponder over their models. Yes, the company had to face vexing times on many instances. However, they seem to be unscathed by these developments. If you require fast cars with added performance and luxury levels, you now know which vendor to go with.

Only three models released by the company are still plying in the roads (and is available to those who can afford it). They are none other than the Maserati Quattroporte, the Maserati GranTurismo and the GranCabrio! We will be looking into the distinguishing characteristics of these vehicles in the rest of the sections.

Maserati Quattroporte: I am certain that many readers might already know about the newest Quattroporte model released by this company. However, are you aware of the fact that Maserati Cars had come up with the concept car back in 1963 itself? The car is currently in its fifth avatar with 4.2L and 4.8L V8 engines. One of the salient features of this model is the default four-door sedan look. In fact, “Quattroporte” is “four doors” in Italian. Call it a comprehensive entertainment package for the entire family!

The GranTurismo: With the passage of time, youngsters began to opt for sleek 2+2 coupe models released by the competitors. In order to keep the establishment from filing for bankruptcy, Maserati came up with the GranTurismo. Video game enthusiasts might be familiar with the nomenclature of the vehicle. This car featured a 4.2L and 4.7L, which could easily generate 298 kW. The drag coefficient of most of the GranTurismo’s happens to be 0.33.

The GranCabrio: One close look at the detailed specifications of the GranCabrio will reveal that it is nothing but a GranTurismo, which comes with automated gearshift (and with the design of a convertible). This is actually a blessing if you wish to burn some rubber at the easiest possible manner. The automatic gears will help in augmenting the efficiency of the engine’s power bands. The company had introduced a concept model by September 2009. Production has been postponed to 2010 – 2011. I will conclude this brief section with an interesting tidbit – the 0 – 100 kms/hr acceleration for most of Maserati’s offerings is always below the 6-second period!


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