Kitchen Clocks

Waders (breathable, neoprene, or nylon)will allow much greater mobility allowing you to get into the water for a better angle on the fish, and allow you to get away from the fly-eating trees on your back cast. Depending on the type of water that you fish, you may want to purchase either bootfoot or stocking foot waders. Boot foot waders are convenient, but stocking foot waders with separate boots give you better support and allow you to be athletic in your wading. If you use chest waders, for safety reasons you should **always** wear a wading belt. Women”s waders are also available.

The performance result for the caster is immediate and measurable. Every T3 is at least 20% lighter, in swing weight, than a comparable Trident TLS resulting in a rod that increases accuracy and sensitivity and reduces casting fatigue. Every T3 is at least 20% stronger than a comparable Trident TLS, delivering, ounce for ounce, more distance enhancing, fish-fighting power than any rod made. And the T3 is 20% tougher than a comparable TLS, giving the caster the security that, despite its thoroughbred technology, the T3 is a workhorse with the ability to withstand being nicked by a conehead muddler on kitchen a backcast or dropped to the deck of a flats boat.

The T3 tracks better throughout the casting stroke, improving your accuracy. High modulus clocks graphite is stiff by nature. The T3 utilizes the highest modulus graphite ever used in a fly. Add to the stiff graphite kitchen matrix a thermoplastic-enriched, thermoset resin that encases each fiber, and you have a rod that, along its length during a casting stroke does not deviate from the path the caster imparted. With other rods, not all accuracy problems are due to pilot error. The T3 eliminates other variables, allowing the caster complete control of the direction of the fly line and, ultimately the fly. The T3 reduces casting fatigue. In addition to utilizing a far lighter material, physical weight along the rod can be precisely adjusted with the majority of the rods mass strategically placed near your hand, reducing swing weight, maximizing leverage to minimize effort. Thermoplastic technology has given Our company rod designers a larger pallet from which to create the perfect casting action and to do so while enhancing overall rod balance. The Our company rod design team can actually use less material and create a rod that is not only lighter but more powerful. Combining this technology with the time tested compound taper technology used in the Trident TLS, precise balance can be achieved, a balance that does not vary with 15” of line out or with 50” on the water.


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