Caring For Your Kitchen Knives

Article: Caring For Your Kitchen Knives

As with anything you purchase you should be certain to buy the highest quality kitchen knives you can afford. Of all the varieties in composition available it is still the fully forged carbon knife that is typically the highest quality knife you can buy. High-carbon stainless steel knives are also of quite good quality. Stainless steel knives tend to be of lower quality and should be avoided if possible. No matter what type of knives you have or intend to purchse they will only be as good as the care you take of them. How do you properly maintain your knives?

1) Never wash your knives in a dishwasher. The chemicals in dishwasher detergent can pit your knives. If the sharp edges of your knives bump and rattle against anything else in the dishwasher, like the edges of your plates, it can work to dull your knife edge. Instead of placing them in the dishwasher wash them by hand with a mild soap and hand dry them. Allowing knives, especially those with wooden handles, to drip dry can cause damage to them.

2) Always use a cutting board when using a knife. Don’t cut directly on your countertop. Cutting on your countertop is bad for both your countertopand for the blades of your knives too. Be sure to use only wooden or plastic cutting boards and avoid glass cutting boards. These boards are a sure way to dull your knives.

3) Regularly use a honing steel to maintain the edges on your knives, but learn how to use the steel properly.

4) Store your knives in thier own place. Use of a knife block is best, but if they must be in a drawer try to keep a drawer just for knives and avoid having other utensils alongside as these can act to bang against the blades and dull or pit them.

5) Use the right tool for the right cutting job. Use a chef’s knife for chopping, slicing and dicing. Your boning knife should be used for cutting poultry and meats. Use the paring knife for peeling and trimming and other fine cutting tasks. A fillet knife is a great for cutting fish. And, as the name implies, a bread knife is for slicing bread.

By purchasing quality knives and taking care of them your cutting tasks in the kitchen will be easier to manage and more enjoyable.


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